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getting started on revolution calling
Welcome to Revolution Calling, wandering member! Whether you've found yourself here by chance or are in need of assistance in navigating the forum, considering staying a moment to familiarize yourself with the very basics of the roleplaying forum you are about to embark on – if you're not already embarking on it! This will explain how to register for those unfamiliar with the Proboards format, how to fill out your accounts, what to do to get started, and much, much more! If you're a veteran of the site or the RP community, you may already have an idea of what's to follow, but knowledge is definitely power. Don't go in blind if you can't help it!

before you register

Revolution Calling is marked as an “original crime RP”... but what does that necessarily mean? In truth, our setting and story take inspiration from a story you may have heard of in passing, but while the two may have similarities, our setting and plan of progression differ enough that calling them one in the same would be to err. No knowledge of said story is necessary; in fact, the less you know in the situation, the better!

Revo takes place in an AU, modern day Seattle, Washington, where there are, again, similarities to things you may be familiar with, but just as many differences to what you're used to from the real, waking world. As a crime RP, we put a greater emphasis on the dangers of city life and the cat-and-mouse dynamics between members of the titular Seattle revolution and the law enforcement put in place to protect the city was from terrorist organizations. While the plot will mostly focus on members of those two groups, we strive to make this a welcoming setting full of things to do for any character who may find him or herself within the city limits – and really, with a revolution running rampant in the underground, who's really safe on the streets? Unfortunately, our plot involves major themes involving politics, and to a lesser extent religion. While we've taken care to avoid using real world examples and elements involving the two in our setting so as to avoid any real life controversy and the out of character ramifications of such, these are still subjects that often need to be handled with care. If you have genuine concerns about your state of comfort in regards to these things, please don't force yourself! We encourage everyone to give the site a chance, but if you've given it a fair shot and are uneased by what we have to offer, we would never ask you to RP at the expense of your well being.

If you're interested in sticking around, or at least seeing what we have to offer, all major information can be found by following the links to the left. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the information in those pages before joining!

account + character creation

The very first step in creating your character is creating your account! Revo allows for one account per character, with no more and no less (excluding, of course, staff members and their staff accounts). We have no real regulations on usernames – namely what name you register by – although we would prefer that you limit those registered names to your character's preferred name if at all possible. Usernames like “DarkShadow101” are definitely recommended against; because these are how you tag other members, the more simple, the better! On the other hand, display names should be your character's full name written in all caps: ALEXANDER WAYNE, for example. This is for uniformity's sake! In order to register your character's account, click the right-most circle in the very top bar of the site, highlighted here in yellow. The steps thereafter are very simple – you should have no problem! In order to make the necessary changes to your account, click the Profile link the appears to the left in the same top bar, click the edit profile button there, and, like before, fill out the labeled fields to the best of your abilities.

Once your account is in order, you're welcome to becoming reserving your face claims and filling out your application. Further instruction on how to go about doing that will be listed there.

the profile fields

Once you have registered on site with your character's account, before you even get a start on your character's application, you'll need to get your account set up right and proper! The edits required for acceptance are located in the Avatar and Personal tabs of the edit profile page, and are explained in more detail below.

Your AVATAR is the only major field not located within the Personal tab. While, in most instances, this image will resize to 100x100 regardless of the original dimensions, we strongly recommend using images that are, by default, 100x100 pixels in size. At the very least, your avatar should be a perfectly square image, so as to prevent distortion on scaling.

Your DISPLAY NAME, as was previously mentioned, should be set to your character's full name written in all capital letters.

While not necessarily required, we do ask that you fill out the MOST RECENT STATUS field, either with something written in character as an actual “status” or as a line of lyrics or quotes. This, unfortunately, has a character cap, so keep that in mind!

The 250X350 AVATAR is, as the name would suggest, a place to link the URL of your 250x350-sized avatar. This serves as the visual centerpiece for your mini-profile, so try to make sure it's tasteful!

The APPLICATION, PLOTTER, and TRACKER should only be filled when you have completed your application, plotter, or tracker respectively. Please do not fill these fields with “dead links”; make sure they lead to where they say they're going.

Your OOC NAME is what you would like to call you in the out of character boards and site chat. This also helps us keep track of who plays who across the site. Make sure to keep this more or less short. For example, while my full alias may be “Pharaoh Leap”, I would fill out this form as just “Leap”.

Your OOC AVATAR... actually isn't much of an “out of character” avatar at all. Just use another square icon of your character, similar to your avatar, and you'll be good to go.

NICKNAMES refers to any nicknames or aliases your character may go by. If your character has a multitude of aliases – more than three, for example – we suggest that you only list a couple of them here. You're more than welcome to list out the rest in the miscellaneous section of the application.

The AGE field only allows for numerical values, as as to encourage uniformity rather than a toss up of written-in-letters and written-in-numbers. This is your character's age. We have no upper or lower limit for how old your character can be, but do be reasonable. We won't accept a character who's two years old, just like we won't accept a character who's one hundred and twenty-five.

BIRTH MONTH refers to the month in which your character was born.

BIRTH DAY refers to the day on which your character was born. This, again, only accepts numerical values. Together with the Birth Month field, this will fill out your character's full birthday.

HOMETOWN is a little more of a gray area, particularly in the instance of characters who have had a history of moving around. Generally, this should be the place where your character spent the bulk of their life, or where they think of “home” the most. This can also be used for their place of birth, if they have no particular attachment to any one place, either through sentiment or time. Please make sure to list it as “Town, State” or “Town, Country” rather than just listing the name of the town or city in question.

Your character's preferred PRONOUNS. Even if they may be fine with being called any set of pronouns, we ask that you only list the pronouns that your character would prefer above all others. For example: if in writing a post, you only use “she / her”, list “she / her”. If, however, in writing a post, you alternate between “he / him” and “they / them”, you are welcome to list both.

Your character's ZODIAC, based on their date of birth. If you're unfamiliar with which dates correspond to which signs, you can refer to this helpful guide!

MARITAL STATUS, or relationship status, is... well, exactly what it says on the tin. Whether your character is dating, crushing, married, engaged, or in a complicated situation involving their love life, list it here! If this status changes over the course of RP, you are welcome, expected, even, to change this field to match.

ORIENTATION refers to your character's sexuality. Please refrain from using terms like “straight” or “gay”, but instead use “heterosexual” or “homosexual”. This is, as it usually is, for the sake of uniformity!

OCCUPATION refers to the job your character may currently have! If your character has more than one job, you are welcome to include as many as will fit on one line in the mini-profile and user profile. If your character is a student, this should be listed as their occupation, or as one of their occupations. If your character has no job and is not a student, they should be marked as unemployed – although you're welcome to get creative if you so desire!

You can use a direct link to any song of your choosing for your MUSIC field. Not all skins are compatible with the player, however, so this field is very much optional.

Much like the app, plotter, and tracker from before, the WANTED AD, JOURNAL, CELLPHONE, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER fields should not be filled out until there is something to fill them out with. The wanted ad field only allots for one link to one want advertisement, so be sure to link the one you most want filled. Cellphones on site can also double up as relationship trackers, so consider filling one out! The journal, Instagram, and Twitter fields are all entirely optional – although having every field in the profile filled will earn you a reward for your dedication!

getting involved on revo

At any point in your stay on the site, you're more than welcome, but not required to introduce yourself to the rest of the board. We'd very much like to meet you!

Once your character has been accepted, it's up to you to make sure to post in all of the necessary claims threads, including, but not limited to: the face claim list, the occupation list, and the member directory. Staff will not add these claims without proper prompting – it's simply too much work to keep track of on our own – so in order to prevent confusion, we ask that you lend us a hand and make sure to post your official claims as soon as possible! If you don't know where to start on your roleplaying journey, considering starting or, better yet, joining an open thread. Alternatively, take a trip to the development board, where you can start or reply to a plotter or flesh out your character through various mediums of... well, development!

If you have a Discord account, we'd love to see you stop by in our server, before or after you've found yourself situated on the forum. Here's to many days of happy roleplaying!