city hall

frequently asked questions

will there be other groups aside from the current three?

In the future, possibly, yes! For the moment, however, the three groups we have up now cover all of the major bases quite nicely, and in the foreseeable future, there are no plans to adding anymore. We also probably won't be allowing for custom user-groups, largely because we don't want to distract from the major focal point of the site too much – but things are always subject to change if seen as necessary!

will there be roleplaying boards outside of Seattle?

In the future... yes, absolutely. This is a definitive change you can look forward to in days to come, just... in very... very future days. There's a lot of stuff that needs to happen within Seattle before we can break out and expand, but we've tried our best to give a diverse array of locations within the city to keep the location from growing tiresome. Who knows – we may even add new areas within the city before then.

how does the passage of time work on site?

Threads still function in liquid time, meaning that, even if you finish a thread after time has moved forward, time elapsed within that thread will be unaffected. Threads within that time period, as well, can take place at any time during that time period. With every major site event, however, time will advance by one month – so non-event threads can start at any point within that month's frame, but any thread posted after a new event has been posted will be within the month after any thread started before said event.

is character death allowed?

Allowed? It's encouraged! We do not, however, condone murdering other characters without their consent. In events where your character is at risk of death because of the happenings of that event, you will be forewarned of the danger. However, if you sign up despite the risks, your character is very much susceptible to eating a bullet. It's what you signed up for, after all! When a character dies, you can either choose to archive them entirely, or continue to RP them in AU or past threads taking place before their death. If you're tired of roleplaying a character, rather than simply archiving them, we suggest setting them up to die, instead.

can i make edits to my app post-acceptance?

Yes... tentatively. After acceptance, we leave applications unlocked for the purpose of allowing members to make minor edits to their characters as they see fit. Sometimes, you forget something you wanted to add to the miscellaneous section, or had a dislike you really wanted to include but didn't. Typos, grammar mistakes, the like. We're fine with members making minute changes, as well as morphing their app to reflect the development of the character on site.

However, if you wish to make drastic changes to your character, whether that be changes to their history or personality - something that would greatly alter staff's understanding of the character without on-site development to back it up, we ask that you contact staff before and after making the changes; staff will then re-review it before either asking for edits or passing you through acceptance as usual. If members are caught making drastic changes to their applications on the sly in order to bypass staff decisions, they will be punished accordingly.

can i make criminals who aren't affiliated with the revolution?

Absolutely! While our main member groups are only currently the main three - revolutionists, law enforcement, and civilians - the last has been provided as a catch all for any and all walks of life that may exist in the city outside of both the Operation and the law. Independent gangs, serial murderers, or tax evaders are more than welcome on site - but be warned! If you go stepping around revolutionist territory, they'll make an enemy out of you, too!

i don't understand this part of the revolution!

Don't fret! We've compiled info on the Operation in a separate page over here. If you are still confused about something after reading through that, or have a question that hasn't already been adressed, please let staff know so we can add it for future use!