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the revolution will grow
It's easy to tell at a glance what the titular revolution on Revolution Calling is fighting for - from the name alone down the the shouts of societal upheavel scattered across the site. But a quick summary blurb won't give you all the necessary details that help to iron out your character, assuming you're either making a member of the group or someone who's affiliated with them in some shape or form. Below is a list of information regarding the revolution and its going-ons through a Q&A format. Like the Frequently Asked Questions section, if more concerns or confusion comes to light, we will add more to this section, and an alert will be given of the update! Please be sure to read through this before diving headfirst into your character, especially if they're a revolutionist.

does the revolutionist group have a name?

The formal title is “The Operation”, although you are as likely to hear people call it “the Operation” as you are to hear them call it “the revolution”.

is the revolution well known?

As of our most recent event, the revolution has publicly made itself known by claiming credit for spreading the cure to a city-wide epidemic. This means that those outside the revolution know only about its existance and very few of its details (such as its members or its specific cause), and not everyone even believes they exist. The most information about the group circulates in crowds that the Operation is most likely to recruit from... and, of course, within its own ranks.

are there any qualifications a person needs to become a revolutionist?

None at all, actually. You could quite literally be a hobo living on the street corner who accidentally waltzes into the revolution's headquarters and gets added to the ranks. So long as you're someone who can be trusted – and believe you me, unless you're an incredible actor, the boss will know whether you can be trusted – you're eligible for recruitment. You may be the best of your trade or as unqualified as a five-year-old. Whatever you may be going in, though, expect to be going out an expert.

is there some way to identify revolutionists from other people?

Members are typically issued some item or article of clothing adorning the organization's symbol. Nothing noticeable for the most part; mostly things like small pins and the like.

are revolutionists paid? if so, how?

Absolutely! Although, not necessarily in bi-weekly checks. The specifics of an individual revolutionist's pay are worked out upon their being hired. Some are paid traditionally, with money, although others may be paid in goods and services. Some work for high quality drugs, better than what can usually be found by scraping by on the streets; some may work to have their medical bills paid for them, or even to pass through education, depending, of course, on frequency of work and cost thereof. Most payments, assuming they can be, are done on commission. When you complete an assigned task as expected, you can expect your payment to arrive shortly thereafter.

who, if anyone, leads the revolution? how does he/she lead?

An enigmatic figure known only by alias, and even then, an alias given to him by members of the revolution rather than himself. The Doctor, “the man with the cure”, sits as the revolution's head, sitting in its only position of power and carefully planning the group's course of actions. If you're a member of the revolution, you've met him – initiation into the group comes in the form of playing a game of Russian Roulette with the man – and while little is known about him even among his most loyal followers, he's quite well-liked among his members. He does, however, keep a close eye on all of those members, either by himself or through his own series of spies, careful to weed out dissent early and nip traitors at their buds. Most all orders come directly, through disposable phone, from him. The more involved with his members he is, he believes, the closer they can become – and the closer they are, the more loyal they will be to him and his cause.

what is the revolution's hideout?

Disguised as a homely coffee shop in one of the quieter alleys in town with employee living built on top, those “apartments” actually function as the base of operations for the group and are accessible only through a series of secret entrances. A secret door here and a secret stairway there – standard fair for all of your nefarious deeds. Most revolution members don't actually visit the hideout on a daily basis unless being given direct orders from the boss, although some “messengers” will carry out orders and payment once a day, pretending to be frequents at the shop. The Doctor himself is “friends with the owner” and “enjoys daily visits upstairs”, sometimes more than a handful of times in the day. Though no one has needed to use the functioning cafe as an alibi so far, those who do have to stop by usually make a note to grab a quick cup of mediocre coffee on their way in or out. Employees at the establishment range from members doing extra work behind the counter to save face and genuine employees with no idea of the happenings going on upstairs, slipped tips to keep quiet about the faces who come and go without the draw of coffee.

how do you become a member of the revolution?

Recruitment is a fickle thing, particularly when you have to keep your existence a secret. The boss ghost writes for political speeches preaching a less radicalized agenda in the park, meant to rile up listeners and scout for potential members. A carefully contained grapevine of rumors involving the potential existence of an anarchist network already exists, meant only for ears who will not speak of it loudly. If a person, at any point, begins to actively seek out this network with the intent to join, the revolution will find its way to them. It's only a matter of time.

The liars and the flakes are weeded out with care, in such a way that they go knowing nothing more about a revolution that may or may not exist than they did coming in. Those who can be used, those who would genuinely fight are taken to the leader himself. Arrangements are met – payment, position, your symbol, the like – but before the deal is sealed, both leader and prospective member must play Russian Roulette together. “I'll die for you and our cause,” spoken through one bullet in a revolver, “if you would die for the same.” Success marks you property of the revolution. Failure marks you dead to the bullet, whether it come from the barrel you press to your head or the one the others point at you, the coward who would not play, on your way out.

Members are trained thoroughly before being sent out into the field. Enforcers practice their brutal methods on spies – spies are tested on their mental endurance to torture through the brutal methods of enforcers. Those who may ever have to deal with a dead body know how to leave the scene without leaving a trace, and those who deal firearms know how to use them better than they know how to sell them. A single weak link could spell doom for the whole Operation – and the Operation takes care to make sure not a single one exists from the start.